Our Projects

The open temple project

The Open Temple is a sacred space dedicated to all forms of spiritual expression. Everyone who visits Damanhur ascends on the Path of Hope entering into the Open Temple where the sky is the ceiling and the sun, moon and stars are the natural lighting. This sacred space was created by the citizens of Damanhur, who value collective art-making and expression as a way to bring everyone in the community together and accelerate our evolution. 

Being open, its pavement and pillars are easily damaged by changing weather conditions. We have started to restore the floor but need a last help to finish the last THREE steps. Help us restore this beautiful place! 

Your donation will be used to cover the following costs:

  • Materials 
  • Construction work

The statue project

The final project of the Open Temple will see a statue between each pillar, represented by the Major Arcana of the Tarot cards, which represents the human archetypes. In this moment only two statues has been realised and the finished work will see the realisation of 20 statues. Help sustain the creation of this major opera!

Your contribution will be used to cover the following costs:

  • Materials
  • Construction work

Art School

In Damanhur we believe that everyone is an artist, sometimes we just don't know it. This is why we encourage everyone to explore their artistic side through different artistic expressions. We believe that dedicating time to cultivating our own way of being an artist is a way of contacting our soul and the divine realms. Some will find this thorough painting, some through sculpturing and others through singing or writing. In Damanhur, individual talents and the collective vision converge and have given rise to many works of art. Now we want to share our experience and help you find your personal artistic expression!

In the Art School you will learn to work with different art methods such as painting, sculpturing, clay work and much more. You will embark on a journey together with other artists to find your individual artistic expression.

In the moment we're organising upcoming dates for the Art School. Please write to us at damjlaps@damanhur.org to express your interest in participating. 

Open Temple

Be part of the movement!

If our story and our projects resonate with you, we invite you to consider contributing to the realization of these dreams. We'd love to get you involved in creating a new model of society with us, where art and architecture in our surroundings awakens the souls.