Today, humanity faces an enormous challenge: How to equitably and peacefully share finite resources and create a meaningful, satisfying society that integrates the diversity of every living being, where each person can explore their individual talents and grow together with others. For this reason, the world is in need of new, conscious societies that experience with new ways of living.

In Damanhur, this is a journey that started 50 years ago, when a small group of people decided to buy a piece of land in the Valley of Valchiusella, Piemonte. They called the land "Damjl", and this has now become the historical center and capital of the Federation of Damanhur, hosting thousands of guests each year from all over the world. The vision of Damjl is to be a center where seekers of these new society models can meet and exchange ideas, dreams, handmade products, art and feel the atmosphere of a new society. 

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The community of Damjl is one of the 4 communities of the Federation of Damanhur, and is made up of 8 different community homes, also called "nucleos". Each home has their specific characteristics and projects, that are woven together with the projects and goals of the whole community. In total, there are 76 citizens and 12 children in the community of Damjl. Learn more about each family and project by hovering over the photos.


Handmade crafts made with love

Check out our new online shop with handmade damanhurian crafts from the community! Each object tells a story of devotion for a
new way of living on the planet.

address Via Pramarzo 3, Baldissero Canavese