About Damjl


Damjl was the first territory of Damanhur. Chosen by the founders for the presence of a very important node of synchronic lines in this area, the territory was cleaned from bush, thorns and stagnant water with the help of all the people who together worked with the dream of creating a new society. Over the years Damjl has become a beautiful garden, rich in art and places of meditation, circuits, spirals, an Open Temple dedicated to contact with the Divine, a ritual circle for Solstice and Equinox celebrations and common meeting places for Damanhurians, guests and more. 

In Damjl, which today we consider the capital of Damanhur, there are periodical markets of handmade products and during the year the Amphitheater hosts artistic and theatrical performances open to all our friends.


The vision for he future of Damjl is that the territory can incarnate even more its characteristic as capital of the federation of Damanhur. This means becoming a central point for both guests and the damanhurian citizen to meet, exchange and breathe the damanhurian culture. 

To accomplish this we are working to finish the art projects of the Open Temple, the place where most events and gatherings are being held. We are also planning to launch schools and programs to be held on the territory, arrange more frequent flee markets where people can exchange their handmade products, and hold workshops in different disciplines and damanhurian handicraft. 

We hope to build a future in which every person that visits Damjl will leave with a sense of hope, enchantment and inspiration for new, sustainable and meaningful ways to live on our planet. 

Who we are

The citizens 
of Damjl

The community of Damjl is one of the 4 communities of the Federation of Damanhur, and is made up of 8 different community homes, also called "nucleos". Each home has their specific characteristics and projects, that are woven together with the projects and goals of the whole community. In total, there are 76 citizens and 12 children in the community of Damjl. Learn more about each family and project by hovering over the photos.